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Ignorantia iuris nocet /lat./ - law ignorance harms

We are a certified Law Office licensed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to practice Polish and European Union Law. Our main Law Office is conveniently located in Clifton, New Jersey. We also have a satellite office located in Poland.

Our lawyer’s service consults in all matters relating to Polish Law. We are authorized to represent clients in the Supervisory Boards of Foreign Companies in Poland. We prepare documents for the opening of cases before The Polish Juridical Authorities on the following matters:

  • Deed of gifts, inheriting cases and distributions of inherited estates
  • Last wills and divisions of marriage property
  • Execution of enforcement of payments from Polish Authorities
  • Complaints
  • Divorces, alimony and child support
  • Recognition of United States Court decisions in Poland
  • Representation in Polish Courts, appeals
  • Submitting of proposals of births, marriages and deaths to the Polish Vital Statistics Offices
  • Compensations for damaged contracts from persons, institutions or Polish Government
  • Juridical Execution of debts
  • Petitions for pensions or pursue of entitlements
  • Agreements, buyer – seller agreements
  • Donations, tenancy, trade agreements and cooperation 
  • Agreement management, contracts of partnerships, founding deeds
  • Dissolution of contracts and preparation of notices of termination
  • Full lawyer's service of investments in Poland, registering of companies and lawyers representation, taxes and discharges
  • Legal representation of persons and institutions before Polish Authorities
  • Commercial representation of persons and institutions before Polish Authorities
  • Representation in European Court of Human Rights
  • Representation in European Union Courts
  • Consulting in above cases
  • Preparation of full case documentation for above named courts